The thingy is not working anymore, mail me if you really want one. I suggest checking out the coyote linux page first

Welcome on my Coyote Linux floppy generator page. Visit the people over at Coyote Linux to see what they are about. It also supports more options including PPPoE for ADSL and PPP dialup support. I you have somehow managed to get here and want a simple linux floppy router. You are in the right place.

I have three versions available that can be configured.
Sloppy 0.91, first release. Used in lot's of places. Based in CoyoteLinux 1.05
Sloppy 0.92, second release. Never used publicaly. Not tested. Does create some form of image.
Sloppy 0.93, latest release. slightly tested. Based on Coyote Linux 1.27. It can be configured to include a SSHD,OIDENTD and DHCPD.

The 0.93 should now work and put more then one file on a disk. I now have tested it and it boots and routes ;)
It only builds floppy's for Ethernet based connections though.
No time yet to publish the source for the scripts I used. The only thing these scripts are good at are for making your own site automatically build floppy images. For interactive configuration you should visit the Coyote Linux site and download the configurator that is available over there.